The Monaco race weekend is one of the most iconic and prestigious events in the world of motorsport, blending high-speed racing with an atmosphere of glamour and luxury, making it a highlight of the season.

With our 2024 Monaco race weekend fast approaching, we thought we’d share six intriguing facts about the iconic event.


A Gem in the Collection

Situated along the French Riviera, the event takes place on a unique street circuit, winding through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo, presenting drivers with a challenging and unparalleled experience.


Royalty and the Racing Realm

Beyond the racing, the event itself carries a regal touch, heightened by the presence of the Monaco royal family, which adds to the grandeur of the event.


The Distinctive Tunnel

A standout feature of the Monaco street circuit is the iconic tunnel, where drivers undergo a sudden transition from bright sunlight to the shadowy darkness of the tunnel, testing their reflexes and concentration. Over the years, this unique characteristic has become a defining aspect of the race, beloved by fans.


Historical Hairpin

The legendary Fairmont Hairpin, a tight and slow corner, stands as one of the most renowned turns in the sport. Its narrowness demands precise control, providing fans with a complete view of a car navigating the hairpin from start to finish.


Monaco in Figures

Inaugurated in 1929, the first Monaco race weekend is one of the oldest races globally. Over the years, the race has seen numerous victors, with Ayrton Senna clinching the record for the most victories in Monaco, an acknowledgment of his legendary driving skills.


A Track of Legendary Moments

Monaco has been a witness to unforgettable instances, from Graham Hill’s five triumphs to Ayrton Senna’s awe-inspiring performances. The narrow streets and challenging conditions have established it as a track where only the most skilled drivers emerge victorious.


As the Monaco race weekend continues to captivate racing enthusiasts and casual observers alike, these facts merely scratch the surface of the event’s storied history.

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