Arrive to the Race Weeknd in style!

We have teamed up with Candy Jets to offer our customers the ultimate VIP experience from start to finish!

With access to an extensive range of luxury, private aircraft, we can fly you from anywhere in the world, directly into Nice for the Monaco race weekend.

When flying privately all baggage is free and can usually be accessible throughout your flight. You will barely even notice you’ve passed through the luxurious check-in area, and before you know it you’ll be welcomed aboard your private flight.

Flying privately with us offers the ultimate privacy, not only in flight but also throughout the terminal. Private Jets avoid unwanted attention, making sure you are escorted to the plane away from other travellers, where you will be greeted by your pilot before boarding. You will be guided through your own luxury areas where your every need is catered for.

Your private jet will allow you to travel at the height of luxury, whether you’re working, socialising or wish to sleep, even the smallest jets supply comfort and entertainment. We want every part of your journey to feel special.

It is extremely safe to fly, however, when flying privately you have the added benefit of being able to research your pilots and crew. You can be assured they have the highest qualifications to look after you for extra peace of mind when flying.

Fairmont Hotel Monaco